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Emotional Wellness

With over 40 years of owning Wellness Clinics, teaching and coaching, Dr. Dave Tuck has helped hundreds of people shift their thoughts and actions to create lasting change and different outcomes in their relationships, careers and health.

Living the Supreme Wellness Lifestyle is about starting with YOU! Getting clear on who you are, taking stock of your current reality, designing a vision for how you would like your life to be - and creating it.
Supreme Wellness is about being authentic, doing what you love, feeling great and having an extraordinary life!

Dr. Dave Tuck brings his wealth of knowledge to connect wisdom to experience, illuminating the path for you!

Learn a variety of principles, techniques and cool ideas to help you to release emotional baggage, learn new ways of thinking and achieve your goals. Once taught, you can apply to all areas of your life independently, and therefore feel more in control.

Call any Texoma Wellness Clinic at (903) 564-9815 for a Free Initial Consultation with Dr. Dave.

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Dr. Dave Tuck


"Dr. Tuck has given me a new outlook on life. He has given me new tools to deal with my everyday stressors. After only one session, I started to have a new attitude with family and friends. Change is always hard, but with Dr. Tuck's help I am ready for a new direction in my life."

Susan D | Texas

"I would recommend your services to anyone that would listen!! I am really grateful for the emotional space that I am now in. I know I am a better daughter, mother, wife and friend to the people in my life. Being able to be free from the constraints of my past is worth everything. There is no one that would seek your help that wouldn't find peace in whatever situation that may find themselves in."

Katie | OCT 2014