Patient Testimonials

Kim M.

“Overall Health has Improved drastically. I have lost weight, feel better in general my knees don’t hurt as much, or shoulder, and I am actually able to work out, bend and lift. My treatment at Texoma Wellness has been an awesome and healing experience."

Stacie K.

“When I first started my care I had sciatica that affected my entire left leg, making it numb so that I could barely feel anything in to at all. Since coming to Texoma Wellness my condition has improved drastically, in less than two months I was walking without a trace of a limp. I can stand and walk for hours without any numbness or pain. If it wasn’t for Texoma Wellness I don’t know where I would be today.”

Misty G.

“I had severe back and neck pain with shooting stabbing pain down my left leg along with awful migraines. My entire life has drastically improved!I was getting shots in my back every few months but I feel so much better I’ve stopped most of my medications and there isn’t any need for more shots! Thank you so much!”

Linda C.

"I fell and broke the bones at the end of my shoulder…The alignments released the nerve problem in my neck, my strength returned immediately. I can extend my arm fully and the pain down my arm at night is gone. I cannot believe the change but it happened without surgery! I have had problems with my shoulder since 2009. It changed my life! Everyone, the doctors, therapist and office staff could not have been nicer.”

Michael B.

“I am pain-free, lost 25lbs and have more energy! Follow the treatment plan exactly as the doctor orders you and you will feel pain-free and have your life back!”