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24/7 Gym and Yoga & Fitness classes
Call David at Texoma Yoga & Fitness: 903-564-9064 with questions.
Where can you find us?
580 Hwy 377 Whitesboro TX 76273 (to the right of the Wellness Center)

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  • Open to the public
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  • Towel Service
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  • Precor & Hoist Commercial Equipment
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Personal Training

Affordable one-to-one instruction from our certified and experienced training staff.Achieve your weight loss, strength and flexibility goals while improving your core strength and stability.

Class Descriptions

Dr. Tuck's Yoga: improve posture, functional strength, flexibility and mental focus.

Power Yoga: Practice Vinyasa Yoga which means flowing from pose-to-pose with breath. This class strengthens the core muscles. Weights are optional to use in this class.

Yin Yoga: (all levels) provides a restorative balance to more active styles of yoga because it asks the body to release muscles away from the bones so that connective tissue can be stretched. In this quiet practice, students move through a series of long-held seated or reclining poses. Yin increases flexibility, and improves the health of your joints.

Zumba: Our Zumba is a dance-fitness class to Hip hop and Latin beats! Learn Latin dance steps: a little salsa and merengue in a fun and upbeat atmosphere. There is no previous experience required. This class is for anyone who wants to learn new dance steps while getting a good workout.

Mix It: A one-hour class consisting of mix of cardio, strength–training and toning all core muscle groups. Each week there are different stations, which you will complete in a set time. This is an exciting class you don’t want to miss!

Step-n-Tone: Uses a step and light hand-weights to combine fat burning and toning in one workout! The moves are easy to follow so you'll enjoy results right from the very first workout. This class will keep you motivated as you step and tone into shape!

Membership Options

  • Gym Only - $19 down $19.99 per month
  • Gym + Classes - $19 down $39.99 per month
  • Silver Sneakers - call for eligibility