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Functional Nutrition

Monica Satterwhite

Monica is a Functional Health Coach with 26 years of experience in allopathic and integrative health fields. She has extensive experience finding the root cause of the dysfunction and how to approach it in a personal way. Functional Nutrition is more than just counting calories or macros. It looks at the whole person and their lifestyle factors to create a personalized plan for optimal wellness. She takes a holistic approach to health and how foods can affect your life.

Monica has experience in many different fields of health. Besides being a Certified Functional Health Coach, she is also a Personal Trainer, Yoga and Tai Chi instructor, Micronutrient Specialist, Functional Movement Specialist, and has certifications in cancer coaching, eating disorders, and many more! She has also taught college courses in health, fitness, and kinesiology. Monica is a wealth of knowledge and we are extremely fortunate to have her here at Texoma Wellness Center.

Common conditions treated are:
-Weight gain/loss
-Fatty liver
-Autoimmune diseases
-Chronic fatigue
-Digestive issues
-Anxiety & depression
-Heart disease
and more!

Monica is available every Thursday at TWC. Call us to get scheduled with her!

Leanne Harris

Nutrition Specialist

Leanne Harris

Leanne Harris is from Denton, TX and is married to her college sweetheart Glenn (40 yrs). Together they raised 3 wonderful kids and now Leanne is a proud Mimi.

Leanne has worked in healthcare for over 30 years. She retired early from North Texas Hospital in Denton TX as an Operating Room Radiology/Nuclear Medicine Technologist performing diagnostic imaging. She is now pursuing her passion of inspiring healthy living and helping others do the same. Leanne enjoys any outdoor activities, yoga, gardening, cooking, reading, educating, travel, and time with family.

Twenty years ago, Leanne immersed herself in a community that taught her the link between nutrition and disease. She experienced a radical health transformation as she applied these principles to her own life. Leanne made the decision to pursue an education in Holistic Nutrition at Clayton College of Natural Health. She recently completed a certification in Plant-Based Nutrition with eCornell. She loves to learn and is currently studying Homeopathy.

Leanne has delivered health lectures to audiences across the US. Leanne is focused on empowering and equipping people towards lifestyle choices that lead to abundant health. She believes: “Not only is it possible to slow down aging, find alternatives to pharmaceuticals, prevent disease and live a life of vitality, it is in our control.

Leanne is available every Tuesday at TWC. Call us to get scheduled!