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Texoma Wellness is proud to be THE PLACE to go for weight loss!

With a 27/7 gym offering personal training, fitness classes, and cardio & weight lifting machines, you are bound to find the best fit for you!

Besides the gym, we offer nutritional counseling to aid in your process. Our nutritionalist not only can help you with your diet, but may find other health contradictions that may be holding you back from reaching the absolute best you can be.

If your mind is holding you back from acheiving your goals, we have lifestyle coaching available through Supreme Wellness Coaching. Clear your mind and get ready to start off on the right foot!

Our doctors specialize in helping our patients reach their health goals. As a wellness center, we offer the best tools to use during your weight loss journey.

Book a FREE 30 MINUTE IN-DEPTH CONSULTATION to see if this is a fit for you!

Joshua Jackson is our head personal trainer:

""I have extensive knowledge in the health and fitness industry. I have experience as a sports and conditioning coach for youth and adults, as a group fitness class instructor for senior citizens, and utilize corrective exercise and physical therapy techniques for my clients when needed."

Call and chat with our gym manager TODAY! (903) 564-9064