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Let's focus on POSTURE! With the growing use of electronic devices which we tend to be staring down at for hours each day, it is important to start maintaining proper posture and curvurature to your spine before it is too late.

Proper posture simply refers to maintaining the body in a position which protects against excessive stresses (which cause injury) while requiring a minimal amount of muscular effort to maintain. In other words, a comfortable position which will not irritate your spinal tissues.

Posture plays a significant role in the development of chronic conditions such as chronic back and neck pain. Poor posture is responsible for overstretching ligaments and other supportive spinal structures as well as exhausting spinal musculature, all of which quickly leads to the development of chronic spinal pain. As your head goes farther forward, it starts to weigh more on the spine because it is so far out of position. It's harder for the body to hold up your head as it is falling forward, meaning the muscles and spine are put into strenous work.

Forward head placement is a trend we are starting to see in those with excessive phone or tablet use, office workers, and students. Continously having the head tilted downward starts to put strain on the muscles throughout the neck and shoulders. From here, it is a downhill spiral if not maintained with chiropractic and massage therapy. We understand if your job requires you to work at a desk or you are a student studying all day, it's hard to avoid this forward head placement. That's why we are here to provide you with optimal care to avoid further damage to the spine through adjustments, exercises and stretching, and massage.

Learning and practicing proper postural habits will help reduce the likelihood of acquiring back and neck injuries, reduce spinal degeneration, and help keep your spine and body happy and healthy.

All new patients receive a complementary posture analysis on their first visit!

See our "Ergonmics" link to learn how to maintain proper posture in the workplace or school.