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The Spine

Understanding the spine is the key to understanding why chiropractic doctors do what they do and why they obtain extraordinary results with a variety of different conditions.

The spine is a complex structure containing a number of associated muscles, ligaments, joints and nerves which commonly become irritated and injured. Extended sitting, repetitive motions, bad postural habits, mental stress, lack of exercise and inadequate nutritional intake are just some of the everyday stresses which accumulate to produce devastating effects on the spinal components.

Doctors of chiropractic are the health care leaders in providing safe, fast and effective relief for most spinal problems.

The human spine consists of 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae, and 5 lumbar vertebrae. Your spine also extends down through the sacrum and coccyx which are fused vertebrae, varying in number for each person. The vertebrae increase in size moving from head to toe. These vertebrae are responsible for rotating, bending, maintaining upright position, and SO much more. The skull sits on top of the 1st cervical vertebrae and also plays a large role in these responsibilities.

In between each vertebrae there are intervertebral discs. In the average person, discs make up 1/4 of the height of the vertebral column. Discs are responsible for shock absorption, bearing weight, permitting flexibility, and enforcing stability. About 40% of the disc is a semifluid gel which aids in compression abilities and motion between the vertebrae. In extreme cases, these discs may bulge or herniate, which is when seeking chiropractic help is inevitably important.

Vertebrae have many joint surfaces between each pair, which is where you feel the restrictions when you are misaligned. The joints will get "stuck" and are unable to move properly. The chiropractor's goal when adjusting the spine is to ensure every joint is functioning as it should. Your spine moves in many different directions, so having all joints moving smoothly and efficiently is extremely important for every day life.

Ligaments surround the entire vertebral column. They are especially important for stabilization of the spine and facilitating movement. In whiplash situations, the ligaments behind and infront of the spine can get strained and cause major pain and dysfunction afterwards. Chiropractors are able to rehabilitate these ligaments and improve their strength over time. Ligaments allow for a significant amount of tension to be applied without becoming permanently deformed.

Your spinal cord runs through your spine. Extreme misalignment of the spine can cause major issues involving the cord. When the cord is compromised, signals going to and from the brain can be delayed, unclear, and even terminated completely. The nerves coming out from between the vertebrae are very sensitive to spinal misalignment. One crooked vertebrae has the power to cause issues such as numbness, dizziness, digestive troubles, and so much more.

At Texoma Wellness, we are here to help educate you on why it is so important to utilize chiropractic care. We want you to live the best life you possibly can. Whether you have been injured or want to prevent future injury, our doctors are here to help. The spine is a fascinating part of your body. It is in the "driver's seat" of your health and wellness. Let us make sure it is functioning at it's highest capacity!